Diversity & Democracy: Civic Learning for Shared Futures
Diversity Innovations Civic Learning for Shared Futures
Diversity & Democracy Volume 11, Number 3  

Diversity & Democracy
Volume 11,
Number 3

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Featured Topic: Shared Futures
Class on Campus: Breaking the Silence Surrounding Socioeconomics
Don’t Lose Your Working-Class Students
Raising Awareness of Class Privilege Among Students
Stratified Learning: Responding to the Class System of Higher Education
Race and Class: Taking Action at the Intersections
Class, at Vanderbilt? Breaking the Silence at an Elite Institution
Engaging with Contradiction by Engaging with Community
Campus Practice
Finding Context: Teaching About Class through Local History
Understanding Socioeconomic Difference: Studies in Poverty and Human Capability
Research Report
Recent Research on Socioeconomic Status and Higher Education
And More...
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Civic Engagement at the Center

AAC&U’s recently published monograph, Civic Engagement at the Center: Building Democracy through Integrated Cocurricular and Curricular Experiences, shares best practices in sustained community engagement from the Bonner Scholars and Bonner Leaders scholarship programs. Authors Ariane Hoy and Wayne Meisel describe compelling outcomes at seventy-seven participating campuses, each of which strives to educate students for active citizenship in a complex and interconnected world. To order the monograph, visit www.aacu.org.

What’s Race Got to Do with It?

In this California Newsreel film, producer and director Jean Cheng chronicles one class’s semester of difficult conversations at the University of California-Berkeley, where students struggle to confront the race and class divisions that persist on their elite campus. The result is an informative look at one group’s attempt to embrace diversity across difference, exploring questions of privilege, justice, and social responsibility. Cheng’s video illustrates classroom techniques and follows students as they struggle toward a paradigm shift. To order the DVD, visit www.whatsrace.org.

Opportunity Matters

The Pell Institute issued the inaugural issue of its new annual journal, Opportunity Matters: A Journal of Research Informing Educational Opportunity Practice and Programs, in June 2008. The journal publishes qualitative and quantitative research geared toward improving educational opportunity for underserved students, including low-income and first-generation students, underrepresented students of color, and students with disabilities. To subscribe or view the call for papers, visit www.pellinstitute.org/journal.html.




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