Diversity & Democracy: Civic Learning for Shared Futures
Diversity Innovations Civic Learning for Shared Futures
Diversity & Democracy Volume 12, Number 1  

Diversity & Democracy
Volume 12,
Number 1

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Featured Topic: Shared Futures
Assessing Higher Education’s Advancement Toward a New Vision of Society
Evaluating Intergroup Dialogue: Engaging Diversity for Personal and Social Responsibility
Designing a Model for International Learning Assessment
Another Inconvenient Truth: Capturing Campus Climate and Its Consequences
Building Knowledge, Growing Capacity: Global Learning Courses Show Promise
Using Assessment to Guide and Revitalize Diversity Instruction
Bitácora: Assessment as Conversation
Campus Practice
Deliberative Democracy and Intercultural Dialogue: An International Agenda
Engaged Scholarship and Faculty Rewards: A National Conversation
Research Report
Recent Assessments of Practices and Environments that Influence Student Learning
And More...
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Assessing Global Learning: Matching Good Intentions with Good Practice

In this publication of AAC&U's Shared Futures Initiative, Caryn McTighe Musil outlines the steps toward creating and implementing assessments that support integrated global learning goals across all levels of the institution. Building on assessment practices developed as part of the Liberal Education and Global Citizenship project, the monograph describes necessary steps toward good assessment practices and includes sample assessment frameworks (matrices and surveys). To order the publication, visit www.aacu.org.

National Survey of Student Engagement

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is administered each spring to students at hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the United States. By gathering data about students' activities and experiences within their college environments, the survey helps schools establish goals to improve the quality of the learning experience. For information about survey frameworks and registration or to download NSSE's Annual Report, visit nsse.iub.edu.

Journal of Diversity in Higher Education

In March 2008, the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education and the American Psychological Association launched a new quarterly journal, the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. In support of a commitment to inclusive excellence, the journal includes a range of data-driven studies exploring topics from "Compositional diversity and the research productivity of PhD graduates" to "What college students really think about ethnic student organizations." For information, visit www.apa.org/journals/dhe.

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