Diversity & Democracy: Civic Learning for Shared Futures
Diversity Innovations Civic Learning for Shared Futures
Diversity & Democracy Volume 13, Number 1  

Diversity & Democracy
Volume 14,
Number 1

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Featured Topic: Shared Futures
Education for Personal and Social Responsibility: Applying the Life of the Mind to the Work of the World
Perspective-Taking as a Tool for Building Democratic Societies
Encouraging Perspective-Taking among College Students
Improving Civic Engagement by Assessing Students' Needs
Ethics and Development in Mali: Civic Engagement in Art, Culture, and Education
Another Kind of College Lesson
Campus Practice
Institutionalizing Core Values: Diversity, Ethics, and Civic Responsibility in the Curriculum
Seeking a Good Society at University of the Pacific
Research Report
Business Ethics in Undergraduate Education
And More...
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Core Commitments Promising Practices Resource Bank

The Association of American Colleges and Universities' Core Commitments project has created a resource bank of practices that infuse five dimensions of personal and social responsibility into students' educational experiences. The resource bank includes examples within each of the five dimensions: Striving for excellence, cultivating personal and academic integrity, contributing to a larger community, taking seriously the perspectives of others, and developing competence in ethical and moral reasoning and action. To access the resource bank, visit http://aacu-secure.nisgroup.com/core_commitments/PromisingPractices.cfm.

Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE)

The CIRCLE website includes a variety of data on civic learning, with particular focus on young people's political engagement. Resources include not only reports and fact sheets on topics like Concepts of Citizenship and Service Learning, but also raw data sets from previous studies on these topics. To access these and other resources, visit http://www.civicyouth.org.

The Democracy Imperative

Housed at the University of New Hampshire and directed by Diversity & Democracy board member Nancy L. Thomas, the Democracy Imperative offers a number of valuable resources on education for democratic engagement. The website's useful content includes a repository of syllabi on courses that aim to teach democratic practice in the classroom, and lists of helpful publications. For more information, visit http://www.unh.edu/democracy/index.html.

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